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It's the economy stupid!

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Re: It's the economy stupid!

Post by Rate This » Sat Apr 06, 2024 12:35 am

radiofann wrote:
Fri Apr 05, 2024 10:07 pm
Rate This wrote:
Fri Apr 05, 2024 4:02 pm
radiofann wrote:
Fri Apr 05, 2024 3:39 pm
Not that Chicago or New York or California will ever turn red from blue, or even trend to purple, but those folks in those cities are not anxious about the economy, those people are dealing with budget breaking waves of recent undocumented immigrants impacting city services , causing budget deficits, and impacting safety of neighborhoods.newly arrived undocumented immigrants unable to speak English are a severe challenge in local schools already devastated by teacher shortages and COVID learning losses. California voted in free health care for all undocumented immigrants, and currently is looking at a large budget deficit $100B on a budget of some $300B, if memory serves me correctly.

The wave of undocumented immigrants requiring food, housing, clothing and education is overwhelming cities already dealing with mental health problems mixed into homelessness and drug addiction.

Those people of those cities won’t exactly be confident in the next step of Dem leadership at the top to solve this ongoing problem, that being Kamala Harris.

These Dems will not vote for Trump but they may stay home or vote for RFK or Jill Stein or Cornell West.

The southern border being open to 8M visitors and counting, from some 150 different countries of the world is going to be the #1 election issue come November. Not necessarily the economy or inflation.

National polls are reflecting this.
The Democrats are going to make abortion the main issue. Given the last 3 years of elections that’s gonna be a hard one to overcome by scaring people with immigration arguments. Polls are showing an extremely tight race between the two with Biden coming out on top of late.

Besides… the GOP got what it wanted in the senate bill Trump ordered them to kill. They don’t give a damn about the border. Trump just thinks it’s his easiest way to election. Expect that to be hammered on hard.

That’s a good point on abortion. It certainly moved the needle here in Michigan in 2022, bringing out Dems to vote on the ballot proposals dealing with abortion. In this purple state, the Result was both michigan legislature house and senate went to Dems for first time in 40 yrs.

I’d say we take a look at which deep red, deep blue, and swing states have abortion on the ballot.
Florida will have that and marijuana as referendums that need 60% to pass. Arizona will likely have abortion as well as the group leading that charge says they have the signatures and then some. Montana has a hot senate race and abortion on the ballot potentially as well.

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