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Toronto/Hamilton radio

A place to go for those of you who wish to discuss happenings in OH, IN, IL, WI, and Ontario. OSU sucks, by the way.
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Toronto/Hamilton radio

Post by fuzzpower » Thu Sep 26, 2019 9:55 pm

In the GTA and Hamilton for a few days, so of course I check out the dial. It seems like every other market, just more stations. Hard to find a decent rock station. Isn’t this the largest market in Canada?

AM dial is either talk (some local, some national, not much from US during the day, plenty of US political talk though), sports (amazing how much is simulcast from the US, especially CKOC), or a large amount of ethnic stations.

Sauga 960 is so low budget it’s comical. Unlike CHAM Funny 820, it’s not meant to be. Hearing sounds from the computer and a fast busy signal after the caller hangs up is far from professional radio.

WGR and the other Buffalo sports station coming in are a decent mix of Bills and Sabres talk.

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Re: Toronto/Hamilton radio

Post by Marcus » Thu Sep 26, 2019 11:49 pm

Q 107, Y 108, and 97-7 HTZ FM are all Rock. If you are far enough East there is also 94.9 FM from Oshawa. For years I though that 97-7 HTZ FM was better than most Rock stations, but perhaps that has changed. For those who are curious here is the dial.

FM 88.1 CIND-FM, Indie 88 : similar to an Alternative station, Toronto
88.9 CIRV-FM Toronto, Ethnic
89.5 CIUT Univ. of Toronto campus station
90.3 CBC French / Stereo Music, Toronto
91.1 CJRT Jazz FM, Toronto
91.9 CHIN-1-FM Ethnic RE:1540 AM, Toronto
92.5 CKIS-FM Toronto, CHR
92.9 The Grand : Classic Hits (Hamilton Only)
93.3 CFMU-FM McMaster Campus radio station (Hamilton)
93.5 CFXJ-FM (Flow) Toronto Hip Hop
94.1 CBC Music, Toronto
94.7 Hamilton Country Station
94.9 The Rock - Oshawa (and East Toronto) Rock station
95.3 CING-FM Hamilton Energy, Hot AC / Adult Top 40
95.9 KX96 Ajax-Oshawa-Toronto, New Country FM
96.3 CFMZ-FM Toronto, Classical
96.7 AM 740 rebroadcaster, Toronto
96.9 Radio.Humber.CA , Toronto
97.3 CHBM-FM Toronto, Boom - Classic Hits
97.7 HTZ-FM (from Niagara) Active Rock
98.1 CHFI Toronto, A.C.
98.7 CKFG-FM Toronto, Urban A.C.
99.1 CBC Radio One, Toronto
99.9 Virgin Radio Toronto, CHR
100.7 CHIN-FM Toronto, Ethnic
101.3 CJSA-FM Toronto, Ethnic
101.5 CIOI-FM Mohawk College - Hamilton
102.1 CFNY The Edge Toronto, Alternative
102.7 CJRK-FM Scarborough (East Toronto) Ethnic
102.9 CKLH Hamilton, A.C.
103.5 CIDC-FM Orangeville, Rhythmic CHR
103.9 CIRR-FM Toronto, LGBT
104.5 CHUM-FM Toronto, Hot A.C.
105.1 CHOQ-FM Toronto, French
105.5 CHRY North York, Urban
105.7 CHRE (from Niagara) A.C.
105.9 CFMS-FM Markham, Variety
106.1 CIMJ-FM Guelph, Hot A.C.
106.5 CFPT-FM Toronto, Community
107.1 CILQ, Q 107 Toronto, Rock
107.9 CJXY, Y108 Hamilton, Active Rock

AM 530 CHLO Brampton, Ethnic
550 WGR Buffalo, Sports
590 (Sportsnet 590) The Fan, Toronto
610 CKTB Niagara, Talk
640 Toronto, Global News Radio
680 News, Toronto
740 CFZM Toronto, Oldies and Standards
770 WTOR (Western New York) Serving the GTA, Ethnic
820 (Funny 820) CHAM Hamilton, All Comedy
860 CBC French - Toronto
900 CHML Hamilton, Global News Radio
960 (Sauga 960) Mississauga, Talk
1010 (News/Talk 1010) Toronto
1050 TSN Radio Toronto, Sports
1150 TSN Radio Hamilton, Sports
1250 CJYE Oakville, Christian
1280 CJRU (Ryerson University) Toronto
1320 CJMR Mississauga, Ethnic
1430 CHKT Toronto, Ethnic
1540 CHIN Toronto, Ethnic
1580 CKDO Oshawa, Classic Hits
1610 CHHA Toronto, Ethnic
1650 CINA Mississauga, Ethnic
1690 CHTO Toronto, Ethnic

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Re: Toronto/Hamilton radio

Post by MWmetalhead » Fri Sep 27, 2019 8:24 am

The Rock Radio scene in Southern Ontario has changed a LOT in the past couple years, and I'd argue it's changed for the better overall.

94.9 is basically a Canadian flavored version of Active Rock. Even though it is based in Oshawa, the station positions itself as a Greater Toronto Area station. My guess is reception of this station craps out quickly once you leave Toronto. By the time you reach Mississauga, 94.7 from Hamilton has a much stronger signal.

97.7 - which was a hard edged Active Rock station for years - has morphed into a straight-ahead Mainstream Rock station with a wide range of music. Some good, some bad.

107.1 - the only true Toronto radio station of the group - is a Classic Rock station that has ventured into the 00's (probably 15% of the playlist is from that decade) and plays a decent amount of breakout hits from the Alternative Rock genre from the mid 90's to mid 00's. Hell, even "Zombie" by the Cranberries was played last night. Even though the station plays millenial material, it still isn't afraid to play stuff from the late 60's on occasion.

107.9 from Hamilton is the biggest surprise, and I mean that in a very positive way! The station used to sound a lot like Q107 does now, except with less alternative rock hits in rotation. These days, 107.9 is a very eclectic all-purpose Rock station! The station is truly one of a kind with its music selections, and it does play a LOT of Cancon. The only station I can think of that sounds anything like Y108 is London, Ontario's FM 96, but I'd argue Y108 is much more of a risk taker than that station.

You should be able to pick up 107.1 just about anywhere, 107.9's reception should be best from downtown Toronto & points southwest, 94.9's reception should be best from downtown Toronto & points northward/eastward, while 97.7 is probably going to be touch & go in Toronto proper but should be fine once you head southwest of the city.

94.9 playlist:

Service area for 94.9: ... DN&lang=en

97.7 playlist:

Service area for 97.7: ... DN&lang=en

Y108 playlist:

Y108 Service area:

Q107 Service area:

Q107 playlist:

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Re: Toronto/Hamilton radio

Post by fuzzpower » Fri Sep 27, 2019 5:37 pm

I did listen to 107.9 and 97.7 (took a drive to St Catharines and the Falls). Y108 wasn’t bad. Agreed that FM96 London is safer, and 106.3 Sarnia even more so (to the point of lameness).

I didn’t go east or north of downtown so no 94.9.

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Re: Toronto/Hamilton radio

Post by MWmetalhead » Fri Sep 27, 2019 6:03 pm

Toronto is an unusual radio market. Men 25-54 and Female 25-54 ratings can be found online via Google search. The runaway winners in Men 25-54 are somewhat surprising - Boom 97.3 (Classic Hits), CBC Radio One, and CHFI (Lite AC).

Q107 and 680 CFTR usually round out the top five.

102.1 The Edge - like so many of its alternative formatted counterparts in large U.S. cities - generates disappointing ratings. Indie 88.5 is much, much worse in that regard, though. I have no idea how Indie 88.5 survives. They have less than a 1 share in A25-54.

CKGE evidently isn't a subscribing station in the Greater Toronto ratings anymore. I could've sworn I've seen them in the book in previous years...I want to say with about a 1.5 share in 12+.

Caroline Beasley is ruining WRIF. What a bitch!!!

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