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Why doesn't Fox17 Just Put The Now/Newsfeed in 4PM or 5PM 2 Hour Block

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Why doesn't Fox17 Just Put The Now/Newsfeed in 4PM or 5PM 2 Hour Block

Post by MasterB » Sat Jul 11, 2020 11:36 pm

Then at 7PM for a little break for the anchors for a little national news between local news just my opinion. Put it at say 5PM then back to local news for 90 minutes from 5:30PM to 7PM I know that The Now/Newsfeed is a Scripps show and they keep the ad money, Kinda surprised they got rid of the COVID special that aired for a couple of months in the 7PM timeslot then put Modern Family back in the 7PM hour I just notice it this past week.

The second airing of Modern Family is now airing at 12:30AM not that I care since I don't watch Modern Family also surprised The List hasn't been added on Fox17 since Scripps owns that show as well I wouldn't be surprised to see The List added this fall. I'd watch to if it is any good or not.

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