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Big Voice Guy...or Gal

Discussion pertaining to Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Battle Creek, Big Rapids, and Michiana
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Reese K Rickards
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Big Voice Guy...or Gal

Post by Reese K Rickards » Mon Jun 29, 2020 6:10 pm

MW made a brief reference recently to the WTNR voice guy. Sometime before i was made aware the I Heart elevator, in my case, only goes down. a move had begun to replace the station image "big voice"' guy or gal. These people were replaced with "artists" who sound like they were bored and had zero interest in what they were doing. Has anyone else noticed that, and if so, does anyone have an explanation? Thanks.

If I Heart GR really wanted to save money, it would sublet two of it's three floors at 77 Monroe Center.

Steve Dirksen
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Re: Big Voice Guy...or Gal

Post by Steve Dirksen » Tue Jun 30, 2020 12:17 pm

Pretty funny Reese. Lets look at who runs these stations and makes decisions. Exactly what do you expect?

I miss the days when you and Neil would shoot bottle rockets at our studio!

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