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Michigan artificially inflated COVID-19 numbers

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Michigan artificially inflated COVID-19 numbers

Post by lovinlife101 » Wed May 27, 2020 11:26 am

And there you have it. ... ng-numbers

You can scream all you want about people to wear masks, for businesses to shut down, to remove fun from life altogether. But nothing that's happening now is based on any science. It's all political. You've got the husband of the governor trying to cut in line and force others to violate her own order.

The science says lockdowns don't work.

Yet, all of you superstitious, straight, white, male, cop-sucking, puritan virgins believe what you want regardless of facts.

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Re: Michigan artificially inflated COVID-19 numbers

Post by km1125 » Wed May 27, 2020 12:22 pm

I would not say it's "inflating the numbers" to combine the two test anymore than them using the total confirmed number as the "current" number of cases. They never subtract out the "recovered" cases, which should be done so we have an actual "current" count.

It's just one data point to see who's already had it and combining both tests give you that metric (although there is no mechanism to weed out duplicate tests, so "how many tests were positive" will differ from "how many residents were positive at one point")

We really should know:
Who has had it at some point (and may be at least partially immune now)
Who CURRENTLY has it
How many of the folks who are currently fighting it are critical or in ICU care.
How many have recovered
How many have deceased because of it, not just tested positive upon death.

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