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Fox2 "snake" clip

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Fox2 "snake" clip

Post by km1125 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 11:53 am

Saw a clip this morning on Fox2 about some "snake yoga". Deena and Marielle were hosting and they obviously had reservations about doing the story with the in-house guests.

They had a few snakes and some demo yoga-ers, but then (of course) they tried to get Deena and Marielle to do it. You could tell they were both very scared, especially Deena. It was pretty funny.

However, they both did an awesome job at self-control. Probably should say "shame on the producers" for making them do that though, as they were both pretty terrified. Marielle stepped up and initially let the put a snake on her. Then, with a lot of coaching from Marielle, Deena let them put one on her. Props to both of them for keeping their cool!!

And it does look like Marielle has lost quite a few pounds over the last couple months. Kudos to her if that's true!!

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