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U-M Dr. Bethany Mohr - what a piece of shit!!

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U-M Dr. Bethany Mohr - what a piece of shit!!

Post by MWmetalhead » Tue Jan 29, 2019 6:22 pm

Phenomenal reporting by channel 7's Heather Catallo tonight.

I decided to search the web for Dr. Mohr.

Here is some background on this piece of garbage:

Here is a 2015 story on Dr. Mohr, with a finding of fact eerily similar to the 2018 case reported on by channel 7: ... /24635949/

Excerpt from the 2015 story:
However, multiple doctors who testified for the defense reviewed Naomi's medical records and concluded her medical issues were the result of birth trauma and not child abuse.
How on earth does this woman stay employed in such a critically important position? She should RESIGN IMMEDIATELY.

Here is the excellent report from Circle 7: ... -dismissed

I like how the good doctor refused to participate in an interview.

Wayne County Magistrate Vesta Svenson needs to be criminally prosecuted for misconduct on the bench!!!

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