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WPAG 98.7 Ann Arbor & WCAR 99.5 Pontiac

Discussion pertaining to Detroit, Ann Arbor, Port Huron, and SW Ontario
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WPAG 98.7 Ann Arbor & WCAR 99.5 Pontiac

Post by Deleted User 14803 » Sun Nov 04, 2018 10:27 am

Anyone remember or have any info the 2 stations.

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Re: WPAG 98.7 Ann Arbor & WCAR 99.5 Pontiac

Post by pixelplay » Sun Nov 04, 2018 12:56 pm

From Wikipedia page on WYCD - older use of 99.5

"WABX was preceded on the 99.5 frequency in southeast Michigan by WCAR-FM in Pontiac, Michigan, the FM side of WCAR (now WDFN), in 1948. In 1956, WCAR moved from Pontiac to Detroit; the FM signal was dropped, leaving 99.5 FM open in Detroit. (In 1964, WCAR would buy WLIN-FM/92.3 and rechristen that station WCAR-FM; it is now known as WMXD.)"

If memory serves an engineer at WCAR told me H.Y. Levinson moved the AM station from Pontiac to Detroit to get 50K days. I think the studios were in Masonic Temple at one point before moving out to the old funeral home on James Couzens near 7 Mile Rd. Someplace in my memory I remember someone saying WCAR was at the old site in Pontiac where WPON was later located but I'm not sure.

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Re: WPAG 98.7 Ann Arbor & WCAR 99.5 Pontiac

Post by Arthur Mometer » Sun Nov 04, 2018 1:37 pm

WDFN History Card

Labelled WCXI when History Cards became obsolete due to computerization of records in the early 1980s.

Shows TLs and SLs from sign on to circa 1981. ... r_id=51362

I believe it refers to the tower being used for WCAR-FM 99.5.

I believe that when WPAG-FM and WCAR-FM went off the air, the licenses were turned in, and there is no record yet on line. WBFG and WLIN were newly applied for on the vacated frequencies. This was not unusual at the time, as many big AM stations, even KFI, saw no future in FM and did the same thing. Some, like WSAM-FM, just kept the license alive, simulcasting, and running at relatively low power and mounted on AM towers to reduce operating costs.

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