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Power to the People - Home Theater Edition

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 6:33 pm
by FET-500
Some of you who are playing with audio and home theater may be interested in these: ... :rk:9:pf:0 ... ctupt=true

The Ashly Audio FET-500, is the first amplifier to gain THX certification by Lucasfilm. Both the FET-500 and the smaller FET-200, are MOS FET amps with massive power supplies. Both amps are rock solid at 2 ohm loads.

I'm running three of the FET-200s and an FET-500 in a 5.1 set-up and it is working well. The big FET-500 runs a 15", 2 ohm sub, while the smaller amps are powering classic JBL L1 and L3 speakers.

As with any proper amp, you really don't notice anything - except for boundless power as you turn the knob.