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TV soundbar ?s

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Vic Doucette
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TV soundbar ?s

Post by Vic Doucette » Sat Mar 14, 2015 3:06 pm

A friend of mine lives in a small apartment and wants to create a sound system based around a TV soundbar. In addition to the TV audio, he'd like to be able to play audio from his computer network (he dumped his CD library) and video from his computer network. He doesn't have cable and isn't interested in OTA reception. A subwoofer is optional; he wants to remain on friendly terms with his neighbors. Please share your suggestions for hook-up advice and equipment suggestions. Thanks!

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Re: TV soundbar ?s

Post by craig11152 » Sat Mar 14, 2015 6:03 pm

how does he get the Internet?
Does he live by himself?


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Re: TV soundbar ?s

Post by jry » Wed Apr 15, 2015 2:03 pm

So many soundbars have Bluetooth. We put one in at the cottage and my I Phone links to it and plays everything as does the i pad, surface tablet and mac book.

It's a 5.1 bar with rear speakers and a wireless sub. Sounds pretty good.

The other thought is one of the under tv 2.1 sound systems. Klipsch, Bose and many others make these. They are bluetooth capable and you set the flat screens stand on it.

There are other beefier bars that say you don't need a sub, but the bass is weak without it.

I bought such a bar. Top of the line Polk, almost a grand. It really sounds great, but needed a sub.

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Plate Cap
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Re: TV soundbar ?s

Post by Plate Cap » Mon Apr 20, 2015 9:15 am

"Sound Bars" alone are the latest in trendy....add a few "cell" related features like Bluetooth and everybody figures they must have the latest and greatest. After all, heck, your trusty "cell" is the pinnacle of technology, and if anything else relates to it, it must be great. Hasn't it just naturally overshadowed all that "old fashioned" technology like speakers sized appropriately to the frequencies they are reproducing, with appropriate power and effective placement to simulate real-life listening?

Does it alone sound better than the TV speakers? Of course. Is it an alternative for a small room? Yes.

Is it surround sound, or deep, realistic bass? Absolutely not. Does it even somewhat resemble a theater experience? Nope.

The people embracing single unit, stand-alone 'sound bars' as the new replacement for a proper surround system with sub woofers are often the same people who think an MP3 recording on their wonderful "cell" is an effective replacement for proper, full-range music storage and reproduction alternatives.

It sounds like JRY is using his as perhaps the center speaker in a properly engineered 5.1 system, which is correct. However, I keep running into friends and relatives with a single bar bolted under the TV that figure they now magically have a complete high end audio system.

Simple solutions are just another step in the marketing-driven, technical dumbing-down of the average person. Best Buy is all that is left in most areas, generally speaking, as a supplier to the masses, and they don't see a need to carry a full range of component audio and speakers that do the real thing. Audiophiles, and stores serving them with vast selections at various price points are largely a thing of the past. It's easier and more profitable to instead to simply sell a magic box.


The box that many broadcasters won’t look outside of was made in 1969 and hasn’t changed significantly since.

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Re: TV soundbar ?s

Post by jry » Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:47 pm

Nope, Plate. I took it out. I have the best room for a sound bar. Walls to throw the surround channels off of and all. The thing sounded great but, did not really give me sound from behind. Maybe the far sides at best. So, it is in storage. i may sell it. So, i installed in wall speakers for all of the channels including "presence". Everything including music is stellar. SACD surround CDs are the best on this.
The one at the cottage has a bar for left, center and right plus two rear speakers and a sub (those are wireless). It sounds pretty good.
Funny thing is that Pauls TV ONLY sells sound bars, now. They used to be a Definitive Technology dealer. I went in there for a couple of rear channel speaker and they told me, no. Just Sonos and sound bars. Dumb. Maybe that's why they're leaving Michigan.

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