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Dirty Harry / Movies! TV Network 2.2 Censor Screwup

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Dirty Harry / Movies! TV Network 2.2 Censor Screwup

Post by molson » Sat Oct 17, 2020 11:03 pm

Anyone see the first airing of the Dirty Harry movie 'Magnum Force' on channel 2.2 about a week ago? A little over half way into the movie and after showing female breasts and a male rear end (both cases with the accompanying gun shooting), the movie did not return but instead was a lengthy string of commercials followed by a Christopher Lee/Horror movies piece.

It was interesting (hell I was gobsmacked!) to see some of the anatomy blurred out but not some others during the same scene. I don't understand that. Assuming the broadcast version went through the blurred out censor editing process, how could the censor miss these obvious naked scenes and a second or two later resume editing them out? Or is the censorship process done with a 10 second delay to give time for censor to add these blurred out circles? I would think the former and not the later is how its done, no?

Finally, does anyone know if the MovieTVNetwork got a lot of irate viewer comments or just how did the network discover these major censor lapes?

Personally some of these blurred censor circles go too far when showing what would simply be nipples such as in the movie 'The Deep' from 1977, even on still pictures in a western saloon featuring a statue of a naked women. Both shown with the blurred circles. Give it a rest!

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Re: Dirty Harry / Movies! TV Network 2.2 Censor Screwup

Post by sfpcc » Sun Oct 18, 2020 10:45 am

Years ago I was watching the Hustler on the CBC and it replaced by an infomercial during an ad break. Somebody figured it was the cable company not the network.

TCM and the CBC shows movies uncensored, (the CBC used to air a lot more films.) Sadly I no longer get TCM and Movies is a poor substitute.

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