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Trevor Noah and John Oliver

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Mike Oxlong
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Trevor Noah and John Oliver

Post by Mike Oxlong » Thu Feb 07, 2019 2:16 pm

Why is it I have an issue with these two commenting on American politics?

I don't mind anything Maher, or Fallon, or Kimmel, or Colbert, or the folks on SNL say about American politics.

Looking at Wikipedia, Oliver has been trying to become a citizen since 2009. That site says there are "complications" with his application. Looking at Noah's Wiki page, there is no mention of where he has citizenship.

For some reason, I get this attitude about these two from England and South Africa critiquing American politicians. Feel free to tell me where I am wrong.

I don't get an opportunity to watch the gentleman that comes on after Colbert, (I understand he is also from England) so I'm not going to pass the same judgement on him.