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How to fix CNN

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Re: How to fix CNN

Post by radioandtventhusiast » Sat Jan 04, 2020 5:03 pm

MWmetalhead wrote:
Wed Jan 01, 2020 7:36 am
MSNBC in 2019 had more daily viewers than even ESPN, was #2 among all cable networks (trailing only Fox News), and is ahead of CNN by a nearly 2:1 margin! ... 202817561/

(Hallmark Channel is #6...really?!?! Old ladies must watch that network in droves!)

2019 was NOT a good year for either AMC, FX, Disney Channel or Adult Swim.
This is possibly MSNBC's best ratings in the history of the entire network.

ESPN seems to be holding its own very well, especially with live sports.

Hallmark's ratings increase is likely due to its popular Christmas movies.

Not really surprised that general entertainment networks are down. I think that will continue in 2020. I'm actually surprised that minimal- to low- watched channels like MTV Classic and MTV2 are still hanging on.

It especially seems worse for kids's channels, as their target audiences are no longer watching linear TV to get their content.

I predict the big 3 news networks will get big ratings with this being a pivotal election year. I also predict that they all will get record-high ratings on election day.

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Calvert DeForest
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Re: How to fix CNN

Post by Calvert DeForest » Thu Jan 09, 2020 1:03 pm

I can't bring myself to watch any of these channels anymore. Despite the names, they're more entertainment channels than actual news channels. Despite his intentions, I think Ted Turner discovered early on that there just isn't enough relevant news to fill 24 hours a day. The 30-minute cycle formula later implemented by CNN Headline News was better geared toward this, although it's probably what CNN should have been right out of the gate. Expanded reports and live coverage of breaking events (real breaking events) could be dropped into the schedule as needed, just like the broadcast networks did back in the day. Instead, these channels rely on the entertainment value of pundits, worthless interviews and any goofy local stories they can get their hands on to fill time. Not to mention the overuse of graphics and stingers peppered in to hold the audience's attention. I liken that to jingling keys in front of a baby.

Then there's the internet, which opened up a whole new challenge for these outlets. They have to ramp up the hype even more to stay in the game. I try to imagine Walter Cronkite of Chet Huntley getting plowed on-camera for a New Year's Eve program. There was a day when it would be appalling for any news operation or news professional to even consider such an idea. Then again, this is not's entertainment (and pretty poor entertainment at that).

As for the Hallmark Channel, it's not just little old ladies watching. I love the Christmas flicks! Sometimes ya just gotta take a break from the chaos and immerse in a corny, predictable story with lots of trees and lights. :razz

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