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Gender dysphoria compared to anorexia

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Gender dysphoria compared to anorexia

Post by radiofann » Thu Mar 28, 2024 10:08 am

Some countries in EU are banning various hormone treatments and gender changing surgeries for kids and young people.
Many ways we admire the EU on many things, like their treatment of consumer data privacy.

Many here think kids with rapid onset gender dysphoria should be allowed to have trans surgery, thereby rendering them to a life changing decision, rendering them infertile/sterile for their whole lives, and the anatomical changes, if you’ve read about them can be horrific.
Some parents want their kids on puberty blockers because puberty is oppressive and terrifying.
The alternate theory is let these kids work thru their issues, using mental health care, and let them decide what they are (hopefully well into adulthood), and they have a chance to live thru and adjust to their adult bodies. Perhaps they are meant to be gay and cannot accept it mentally at an early age. Or the parents can’t deal with it.

For the parents allowing this to happen, and for members of society thinking this is OK, is it fair to ask:

“If your child or teen was already emaciated due to anorexia nervous/bulemia, and asked parents (or the state, for example in California) for access to Ozempic, or gastric bypass surgery, or a permanent removal of intestinal capacity to digest food and nutrients, to further themselves along in their view of ideal body image and state, would you go along with it?”

Is it a fair comparison?

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Re: Gender dysphoria compared to anorexia

Post by Matt » Thu Mar 28, 2024 10:26 am

No, and we're all dumber for having read this drivel.
Voting for Trump is dumber than playing Russian Roulette with fully loaded chambers.

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Re: Gender dysphoria compared to anorexia

Post by zzand » Thu Mar 28, 2024 11:12 am

Matt, I made it half way through it, labeled it transphobic bullshit and moved on.

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