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Republicans Blind to Evidence. Trump Cult Over Country and Constitution.

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screen glare
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Republicans Blind to Evidence. Trump Cult Over Country and Constitution.

Post by screen glare » Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:31 am

1. Refusing to read transcripts of impeachment inquiry sworn testimony.
2. Coming up with ever-changing defenses and excuses for Trump’s unconstitutional behaviors re Ukraine shakedown.
3. Demanding the whistleblower’s identity placing the patriotic man or woman in danger as well as their family.

It’s ALL about our sacred Constitution and the rule of law be damned!
Cult of Trump over country!
Discrediting Americans who dare - and swear - to tell the truth!

And at the heart of this unAmerican activity? The draft-dodging cowardly-bully-of-a-mentally-ill-president who is considering his puppetmaster Putin’s invitation to Russia’s May Day celebration of
our avowed US enemy’s military might!

Russia interferes in our free election - the bedrock of our democracy - and Trump is STILL - post-Mueller Report - sucking Vlad’s putin. Let’s hope whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg is correct in his recent statement - that the courage to tell the truth IS contagious. AND - that republicans finally grow a spine.

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