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I’m Really Concerned about the Divide in America

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Radio Sucks
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Re: I’m Really Concerned about the Divide in America

Post by Radio Sucks » Sun May 12, 2019 12:41 pm

Funny, many people felt President Obama was falsely accused and constantly attacked by those who disagreed with him... and I don't remember any of them being accused of "Obama Derangement Syndrome"

President Trump has done some good things economically, is working toward less regulation and attempting to fix many trade problems. While he is not necessarily taking the path I would take, I have to congratulate him for his efforts. Then, 5 tweets in the last week have completely wiped out all the gains in my portfolio since the first of the year. He is not the best president. I believe he was chosen by people who just wanted to fuck up the system. And in some ways, he is succeeding in that effort. But that doesn't make him "the enemy" to me.

America needs some sort of "time out" so we can work together in some way to fix immigration, trade and the mounting health care crisis. If I were in charge, I would want to get feedback from everyone and put the best minds on all sides in a room with a deadline. Not call people names and insult them.

We also have a H*** Russian interference problem with social media and election information. How do we solve that?

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Re: I’m Really Concerned about the Divide in America

Post by zzand » Sun May 12, 2019 1:44 pm

Well we need to quit interfering in elections world wide first and foremost and do less finger pointing until we do so. A lot of the immigration issue would be fixed by simply enforcing the laws we already have all the time, not just some of the time. Healthcare? Start with drug companies raping us for meds we need and maybe some sort of price controls across the board.

Radio Sucks
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Re: I’m Really Concerned about the Divide in America

Post by Radio Sucks » Wed May 15, 2019 7:34 am

I'd like to address a post I've just read, which highlights much of this problem.
We have a guy trolling left- wing sites who drives to DC and ends up opening fire on a ballfield, allegedly(1) because the players were Republican. Sarah Sanders gets harrassed and banned from a restaurant because she works for Trump.(2) Mitch Mcconnell gets harrassed and thrown out for the same reason.(3) Rand Paul was attacked by a neighbor.(4) Conservative commentator Tucker Carlson was threatened and attacked at a country club and people stormed his home and harrassed him.(5) Antifa goes to conservative rallies with bats and holds up traffic. (6) People are on video screaming at and refusing service to customers in Trump hats.(7) A kid in a Trump hat who was trying to keep calm was libeled and slandered as a racist by much of the media. (8) People vandalize and burn their own black churches and try to blame Trump supporters. (9) Turning Point USA members are assualted on campuses. (10) A liberal state rep harrasses a peaceful protester at a Pennsylvania abortion clinic. (11)
The civil war has begun.
Yes, a Trump supporter did send pipe bombs to prominent democrats. But how much does 1 side take until they fight back?(12)
1 - True, based on media reports. But we can't know for sure since the suspect is dead. In the same vein, a guy drove to DC and shot up a pizza place allegedly because he thought Hillary Clinton was harboring human trafficking victims there.
2 - From the news story about the incident.. "“I took Ms. Sanders aside and politely suggested she leave. She agreed, equally politely,” Wilkinson wrote. “She may or may not have expected this day would come, but she never showed any sign of outrage or even much surprise. We’d drawn a line; she’d accepted it.” Harassment? Don't business people want the right to choose whom they serve, so they don't have to make wedding cakes for gay couples? What's the difference?
3 - Senator McConnell was harassed by his own constituents in his home state, the people he represents. ... esters-ice
4 - Senator Paul was attacked by a neighbor over a property dispute. "Federal prosecutors said Boucher "had enough" after he witnessed Paul stack brush into a pile on his own lawn, but near Boucher's property. Boucher then ran onto Paul's property and tackled him."
5 - Check your facts. Tucker Carlson attacked someone who called his daughter a nasty name. Possibly valid reason for an attack, but not politically motivated. ... y-daughter
6 - Antifa is a made up straw man. Are there people who protest at Trump rallies? Yes. Please prove the existence of this organization.
7 - See 2
8 - This kid was mistreated in many ways, and deserves an apology from all who maligned him.
9 - Certainly, some people have gone to great lengths to protest including burning their own church. ... mplicated/ But didn't Timothy McVeigh do the same thing?
10 - Turning Point USA is becoming the new version of the John Birch Society and deserves what they get, based on stories like this. ... iral-video
11 - Yes, he did. ... 97941.html Not sure this is the best way to convince people to change their minds.
12 - Didn't Jesus say turn the other cheek?

This is a two sided problem. We don't solve things by yelling louder, we solve things by listening louder. We are a country caught up in a 24/7 election cycle. The "right thing" for a politician to do is no longer what's right for the country or her/his constituents, it's whatever gets her/him the most primary votes. Our most recent president won 14,015,993 votes in the 2016 primaries, and 62,984,828 votes in the General election. That's 4% and 20% of the adult population of the USA. We're being governed by the few.

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