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A little off the radar, but maybe not

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A little off the radar, but maybe not

Post by Lester The Nightfly » Tue Mar 12, 2019 3:30 am

FEC fines Jeb Bush super PAC over foreign donation. ... na-1216590

For the link impaired, a political action committee, in this case that backed Jeb Bush, got hit with a $940K fine from the Federal Election Commission for taking money from a foreign national. In this case it was a corporation from China.

Am I reading too much into it that it seems unusual, given the political times we live in, that the FEC would go hard ass to the tune of a cool million on the son and brother of two Presidents? To be clear, it was a PAC that got hit with the violation but obviously Bush will catch some of the splatter.

I don't get the sense that this political payback more than just what bureaucrats do (or are supposed to be doing) in a non partisan commission but this time with a baseball bat rather than a mitten. Beyond the fine, it puts a substantial nail in the coffin of any further political aspirations (See opening sentence. Not something you want on your campaign button) of Bush and brother Neil (also involved in the case), a family name synonymous in American politics as much as Kennedy, Adams or Roosevelt in terms of dynasties.

Point being, if the oddly embolden FEC is politely signaling to those who will listen that the days of Officer Friendly are over with respect to taking money from a foreign national and such, and are willing to bust the chops of a Bush in order to get the point across, what does it say about how they might deal with matters of someone not nearly as connected that might come out of the Mueller investigation and I think more importantly, it's secondary fallout?

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