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Andre Drummond thoughts

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Andre Drummond thoughts

Post by MWmetalhead » Sun Jan 12, 2020 8:24 am

The Pistons could & should trade the big oaf.

He has ZERO long game. His man-to-man defending skills are mixed. Bigger, stronger power forwards and centers often can score on Drummond with only mild difficulty. He gets squeamish whenever he's handed the ball anywhere that is more than five feet distant from the basket. He's not very good on stick back attempts in certain cases. His free throw shooting is streaky. In game critical "clutch situations," he is all too often unreliable.

Suffice it to say, I am not a big Drummond fan. His game would've been perfectly fine for the NBA of 15 years ago. Even today, it might be OK if the Pistons had multiple high percentage scoring threats from outside (they don't).

Now, here's what I fear:
The Pistons are under the delusion that they should receive a decent expiring current contract *and* a first round draft pick for 2020 in exchange for what is basically a "rental" (i.e. Drummond's current contract).

In all likelihood, no team is going to offer that. THE PISTONS SHOULD BE CONTENT WITH A 2020 OR A 2021 FIRST ROUND PICK...PERIOD!!!

My fear is Drummond doesn't get traded. Then, my fear is he goes out on the free agency market and demands a max or near-max contract. (Spoiler alert - NO TEAM is going to offer him that kind of money.)

After not getting the type of offers on the free agency market he is hoping to attract, he ultimately decides to "try again next summer," and exercises his player option on his current deal with the Pistons, thereby burdening all of us with his presence for the 2020 / 2021 NBA season.

Now, I will say this - I would not be opposed to the Pistons re-signing Drummond to a multi-year deal *if* the price is right. What is the right price, ya ask? Well, it's a number Drummond ain't gonna like! I'm thinking a number around $20 million a year. That would at least give the Pistons some optionality with regard to trade action moving forward and would not be excessively burdensome from a cap standpoint in the interim.

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Re: Andre Drummond thoughts

Post by Mr.Transistor » Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:44 pm

It' s difficult to get interested in this Pistons team. They handicapped themselves for the future with the Griffin trade. Gores is a moron jock sniffer who just wants to live his life vicariously thru the NBA players. I'll never forget him charging the season ticket holders to go down and shoot hoops after a game at the Palace.They better get a 1st round pick out of him, they all knew he was planning on leaving early last year, no surprise.

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