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EMU TV Spots' Audio Beeps

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EMU TV Spots' Audio Beeps

Post by SolarMax » Fri Jan 21, 2022 10:20 pm

For some months, Eastern Michigan University has been running a series of TV spots.
If you listen carefully, a couple series of 400Hz or so "beeps" can be heard, embedded in the music track (which, per current trend, is mixed pretty "hot"). The "beeps" are unrelated to any action on the visual side, and the same music track is used on different spots. It sounds as If the spot production company or agency used a music library audition track they may not have paid for. A licensed legal-use download from the music house would have provided them a clean track, sans "beeps."
Any other ears on this?

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Re: EMU TV Spots' Audio Beeps

Post by tc » Thu Feb 10, 2022 4:55 pm

Years ago I produced a radio spot for a local (small) agency. The guy that owns the agency wanted to approve the spot, but I suspected he might want to use it at another radio group without my approval, so I put a "beep" about every 5 seconds, thought being that he could hear the spot for approval, but wouldn't be able to send to other stations.

The next week I heard it on a competitor with the beeps. Cracked me up, so I didn't give a fuck and just let it go.

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