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All commercials during this crisis are the same

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All commercials during this crisis are the same

Post by radioandtventhusiast » Sat Apr 25, 2020 4:02 pm

There's a video going viral on that internet that showcases ads during this time. The video starts with how nearly every commercial has a somber piano and then shows how they all use a nearly identical script, with the only difference being the advertiser. It's a pretty interesting video.

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Re: All commercials during this crisis are the same

Post by kager » Wed Apr 29, 2020 8:19 am

Spot on! Even many of the local ads are flowing down the very same trough.

Speaking of somber piano ads, I can't un-hear 'Three Blind Mice' starting the latest Facebook Portal ad (actually 'All You Need Is Love').

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Re: All commercials during this crisis are the same

Post by Turkeytop » Thu Apr 30, 2020 10:00 pm

What I like here locally is that a lot of the regular local advertisers, businesses that aren't even open, are continuing to advertise and just say they'll be there for us when this is over. That must be some badly needed revenue for the local station.

During the middle ages they celebrated the end of the plague with wine and orgies. Does anyone know if there is anything planned when this one ends?

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