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Comcast Business Internet

A forum devoted to the Advertising Industry. A place not just to discuss the ads you see & hear, but also the business side of the industry.
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Comcast Business Internet

Post by SolarMax » Thu Dec 13, 2018 12:12 am

A commercial currently airing for Comcast Business Internet features a very prim young woman, in proper business attire, seriously presenting Comcast's "4G LTE Backup" virtues to different audiences of three likewise serious business influencers. I quickly took notice that she punctuates every.single.word of her spiel with a corresponding hand gesture. Like what they teach in Public Speaking for Dummies.
Really annoying to just me, or have others latched on to this?

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Ed Joseph
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Re: Comcast Business Internet

Post by Ed Joseph » Tue Jan 08, 2019 8:36 pm

I've seen it. Spectrum did something similar a year or two ago. Here's what I think is hysterical... For their HOME products, it all "you'll miss the fucking big game without this $300 a month package, you idiot" mentality, but how prim and proper are the BUSINESS ads, with all the hyperbole of "ROI", "uptime", and all the other "straight from the Madison Avenue playbook" terms. Cracks me up.

After my time in radio, I despise advertising. Totally. All marketing. I feel like it's an assault! And whoever is writing some of this *unbelievably stupid* stuff has got to be on designer drugs. Half of this crap isn't funny to an 5 year old. BUT: I am starting to think that maybe, just maybe, our society has became *SO* dumbed down over the last 25 years, that they now have the brains of troglodytes, thus why every single commercial and ad is programmed perfectly to an audience of complete morons. The stupid leading the stupid. Especially all those "as seen on TV" ads. They're so full of cliche it's laughable, yet people still spend money they don't have on cheap, slave market garbage.

PT Barnum was *so* right.

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