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Music personalities

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Music personalities

Post by ZenithCKLW » Thu Feb 21, 2019 7:51 pm

I recently watched a video spotlighting a certain singer from the past, including interviews. I was surprised at how human this person was, how her ills affect her, and what a great sense of humor she has. I’m suddenly intrigued at the prospect of the true personalities of musicians. We typically only ever experience an artist through their music. But there is more to an artist than just their music.

In your opinion, what artist has shown their human side, and left an overwhelming positive mark on you? I’m really only curious about positive stories, not negative ones, since everybody can trash anybody every day.

Linda Ronstadt was my story. She has Parkinson’s, can’t sing as well anymore (in her words), yet has an incredible sense of humor. I never realized that about her and it was enlightening.

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