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Iceland on High Alert

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Iceland on High Alert

Post by Turkeytop » Wed May 08, 2019 7:37 pm

Police Warn of Winged Thief

The Suðurnes Police Department, Southwest Iceland, has issued a warning: A criminal seagull remains at large. On their Facebook page, the police describe an incident which occurred last night. Police officers on duty noticed a seagull hovering over their vehicle. At first, they thought it was holding a prey in its beak, but upon closer inspection they realized it was instead a wallet.

They subsequently began a chase and succeeded in catching up with the thief a short distance away, where he was inspecting his booty. The wallet turned out to contain and ID, making it possible to contact the owner. As it turns out, the owner had indeed witnessed the thief taking off.

The police report that the owner was delighted to reclaim his wallet. “This criminal seagull remains wanted by police,” the Facebook post reads.

Suournes is about 3600 miles from Niceville