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Movie: Survivor (1999)

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Movie: Survivor (1999)

Post by stopnswop2 » Tue Jan 29, 2019 4:59 am

Got another 90s telefilm.

"Survivor", starring Greg Evigan.
Premiered on UPN in 1999.

An oil rig crew in the Arctic hits something with their fancy new drill that can dig deeper than anyone has ever gone.
Out of the pipes comes a strange gel made of billions of White Blood Cells, which seems to be able to heal wounds with contact on the skin.
During the night, something blasts the drill out of the tunnel.
One by one, crew members are being viciously murdered with their bodies turning up.. completely drained of all fluids and their organs removed.
.....and, what they find out they have released from underground will have them fighting for far more than their own lives...

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