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Participation sought for WWV user survey

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Participation sought for WWV user survey

Post by SolarMax » Mon Aug 19, 2019 8:05 pm

Feedback from listeners/users will be forwarded to NIST to show support for WWV's Time and Frequency Standard broadcasts, which were in danger of being "defunded" in the FY 2019 federal budget. This message from the head of Army MARS (Military Auxiliary Radio System) appeared on many Amateur Radio sites and discussion groups.
DOD Broadcast and Listener Survey on WWV and WWVH
From 14-24 August, WWV and WWVH will be broadcasting a DOD message at 10 mins past the hour on WWV and 50 mins past the hour on WWVH. As part of the message, all listeners are asked to take a listener survey at the URL specified in the message.

The results of this survey are shared with WWV/H personnel to show their NIST chain of command how often their stations are monitored and how the various timing signals and messages are used by the listeners.

Please take a listen to this message and take the the saying goes, "every vote counts" and your input to this survey is being used to help demonstrate the importance of these stations.

Thanks for your consideration in this effort.

Paul English, WD8DBY
Chief, Army MARS

WWV celebrates its Centennial in October.
Special Event Station WW0WWV
NIST radio station WWV 100th Anniversary

We've heard every single one of the WWV/time jokes, many times (yuk yuk). Please restrain yourselves. Thank you.

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Re: Participation sought for WWV user survey

Post by Turkeytop » Mon Aug 19, 2019 10:09 pm

Thanks for posting this. I will complete and submit the survey. I don't know if they care that a Canadian is listening.

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Re: Participation sought for WWV user survey

Post by WOHO » Wed Aug 21, 2019 5:49 pm

Our government is penny foolish; WHEN, not IF, the GPS system goes down and VOR aircraft systems get decom, and the Omega navigation got killed, we will be in a world of hurt without WWV, WWVB and old school 50KW analog AM stations as our last gasp for synchronization and direction. Why can't they leave legacy WORKING items alone. Thanks for the link.

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