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As the "Then, there's this....." craze spreads nationally....

A place to go for those of you who wish to discuss happenings in OH, IN, IL, WI, and Ontario. OSU sucks, by the way.
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As the "Then, there's this....." craze spreads nationally....

Post by mtburb » Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:36 pm

This thread, though, I'm not starting with the typical on-air typo but an experience eerily like what happened on WDIV this past Thursday morning when out of four regulars, only one showed up.

Anyways, I noticed just tonight on WEWS that Powers, Johnson and their usual evening sports anchor all had tonight off. Danita (or whoever her name is) and the two replacements delivered a fine product though.

When your station has all but one of a certain daypart's news team having the day off, you've got a problem.
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