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Jingle question

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Jingle question

Post by ++++ » Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:41 pm

I have never been in radio. I'm a dx'er and a radio freak.
Have loved the CHR/Top 40 format, the execution, formatics, hot clocks, counter programming for decades.
Are jingles going the way of the do do bird?
There was a time in the mid 70's when Y100, 13Q, We-FM (99.5 Chicago), 15-KSTP, 96X (Miami) and others tossed jingles.
Personally, I love jingles. They are quick, and it's not mindless chatter as I hear on so many stations. I hear a few station sans jingles.
Still, a comment on a radio board hit me like a brick. Here it is:
"When you hear a jingle, that is your parents radio station."
I know opinions are varied, but it got me wondering.
Thoughts (on jingles on a CHR)?

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TC Talks
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Re: Jingle question

Post by TC Talks » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:06 pm

Do you know that annoying drone/meth chick who always State the obvious about your favorite rock or CHR station? "Always the hottest hits, and none of the crap" ? That liner along with all the celebrity drops have replaced the jingle. Personally I agree with you.
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Re: Jingle question

Post by ++++ » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:45 pm

If it's the one on Magic 97 and AT40, it's Horrid, with a capital H!
Z100 (NY) seems to have no jingles. PLJ is so all over the board. Yet, GHQ.fm, a college station sounds good without jingles. AMP in Detroit has jingles. Maybe the AMP slogan is a bit much. Channel 977 (KJJK, Minnesota) uses jingles. Sounds good.
With the over usage of sweepers, that voice is on 24/7. Gets old. The pd can blame a jock, etc, but there are many components to a station. Many times, the pd does as best they can only to have syndicated programs on the weekends which negates everything one tried to build up the entire week!
(Quite noticeable on talk staions: talk all day until Sat Sun fix it, Real Estate, brokered trash.)

Anyway, the best quote is from a friend...
"All you do is listen to jingles and disc jockeys. You never listen to the song!"

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Re: Jingle question

Post by BFSEsq » Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:51 pm

I don't listen to Z100 (NY) often, but when I have (through Sirius), I have heard jingles, actually. Same with KIIS-FM (LA). I feel like the heritage stations in the biggest markets, even if they're CHR, still use jingles. Overall, though, it's not too common anymore for stations that are appealing to a younger audience, which is too bad IMO. I like them. Maybe I just like the tradition of it.

The celebrity drop thing is annoying as all hell. Every radio station is the same thing. Mix of artists saying their name, essentially. The absolute worst is when the audio clip doesn't even have the artist saying the name of the station! Because the station never got a clip of them saying their name. Doesn't matter, though.

"Hi, this is Ed Sheeran" "This is Adele" "We're the Lumineers" [STUDIO VOICE] "93.9 The River. Real rock variety." Wow, congratulations, the artists EXIST and you found stock clips of them saying their names!

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