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"Slob" Ryan joins FSR.

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"Slob" Ryan joins FSR.

Post by blackcowboybrady64 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:26 am

I see (or more exactly,hear) that "Slob" Ryan,the failed NFL DC,usually with equally washed-up head coach Rexbro,has joined Fox Sports Radio,which also boasts(?) Efraim Salaam,and the Bradys,Quinn and Poppinga.(Perhaps I should have been in the NFL,maybe they'd have hired me.I wonder if it's FSR's attempt to emulate ESPN's jock-heavy lineup.I guess since Rexbro won't be hired ruin another NFL team,meaning Slob won't be his twin's awful DC,he decided to take his only remaining choice to stay tied to the league,as he's far too fugly for TV.

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