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Predicitions for Detroit radio for 2017

Discussion pertaining to Detroit, Ann Arbor, Port Huron, and SW Ontario
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Re: Predicitions for Detroit radio for 2017

Post by LouPerry » Fri Jun 30, 2017 4:55 pm

Think all the possible changes mention seem viable. BUT to be the hallmark of all these is talent and we don’t have any first-grade voices now. Two issues stations willing to pay more to get numbers. Second PD’s that know what top talent is. You can listen to four or five contemporary stations and all the personalities sound the same. Stations here promote their music not the personalties.

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Re: Predicitions for Detroit radio for 2017

Post by Claymed » Wed Jul 05, 2017 11:52 am

Hoping WCSX will get rid of Dahmer. Has to be the worst on air host in the city. I'm sure management could come up with a better on air talent cheaper, much like they did with the morning show. He must be someone's cousin or brother in law.

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Re: Predictions for Detroit radio for 2017

Post by MWmetalhead » Sat Dec 30, 2017 8:09 am

Time for a 2017 scorecard as to my start-of-year predictions....

I will score myself as follows:

0 points - only a small portion or no portion of the prediction materialized
1 point - partially correct
2 points - fully correct.

I made a total of 11 predictions (recapped below), so the maximum possible score is 22 points.

My local predictions were as follows:

-There will be a merger or divestiture of some kind that affects at least one Detroit cluster. Either in 2017 or 2018, the number of commercial FM station owners in Detroit will decrease by one. The first part of the above prediction certainly came true; AM 1200 was sold to Crawford and Entercom acquired the former CBS Radio properties. However, the number of station owners in Detroit remains the same. Result - 1 point.

-105.1 will discontinue its affiliation with the Pistons after this season. Later this year, 105.1 will begin to incorporate some recurrents into its playlist. Ratings will stabilize around a 3 share in ages 6+. Every part of this was correct except for the "recurrents" portion; I am now predicting that will came to pass in 2018. Result - 1 point.

-106.7 The D will evolve into either an Adult Hits or Classic Hits station but will retain "The D" moniker. Even though the Adult Hits format didn't survive until year end, this did indeed occur. Result - 2 points.

-Radio One will continue to go through GM's and PD's like candy, just like the past several years (more like 10+ years). The Detroit stations are now being programmed out of St. Louis; that announcement was just made days ago. Result - 2 points.

-Guy Gordon's new show at WJR will prove successful. WJR apparently is satisfied with its performance, but ratings appear to be a mixed bag. Result - 1 point.

-The Patriot will continue to have a microscopic audience. However, the translator at 101.5 MHz will survive. iFart will not challenge its existence
Correct on all counts. Result - 2 points.

-Substantial on-air and off-air job losses will affect CBS Radio. Basically, WWJ's entire traffic team was terminated several months ago. Terry Foster was never replaced. The extent of off-air turnover, however, is unclear. Result - 1 point.

-CHR/Pop will survive on 98.7 FM, but the station will rebrand. The aim will be to make the station more amenable to female listeners over the age of 25. No rebrand yet, and I've not noticed any impactful difference in music or imaging to make this station more appealing to adults over the age of 25. Result - 0 points.

-89X will limp along with its horrible on-air staff and even shittier playlist. The entire U.S. staff was fired on or around April 1, and while the playlist and overall programming remain mediocre, changes were made. I do not feel comfortable giving myself even partial credit for this prediction. Result - 0 points.

National predictions:
-Sirius XM will enter into a definitive agreement to acquire Pandora, subject to approval by the Feds. The financial media and blogs early to mid-year were loaded with rumors of Sirius acquiring Pandora. Instead, they acquired only a minority equity interest. Result - 1 point.

-New FCC Chairman will propose removing newspaper/TV/radio cross-ownership ban. This is a done deal. Result - 2 points.

TOTAL SCORE = 13 points out of a possible 22. If this were a college exam, that score would suck. However, in the game of making predictions, that score ain't too bad! :hat

Memo to 106.7: Twenty-One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, FUN and Fall Out Boy all S-U-C-K!!! Stop playing those shitty (boy) bands, and maybe you'll end your streak of piss poor ratings!

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Re: Predicitions for Detroit radio for 2017

Post by RingtailedFox » Sat Dec 30, 2017 12:16 pm

you did better than 50/50, though. a pass is a pass :D

~ The Legendary Raccoon-Fox has spoken!

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Ed Joseph
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Re: Predicitions for Detroit radio for 2017

Post by Ed Joseph » Sat Dec 30, 2017 6:07 pm

I got this...

Detroit radio will continue to have the same, lousy programming it's stumbled over for the past 15 years, but lousy formats may bounce from station to station, so it looks like the mass of idiots in the nice offices are actually doing something a kid running the grill at Mickey D's could probably do just as poorly. That will continue for years until a time comes where some of these groups die off and stations end up in local ownership again.

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