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HTTPS Everywhere

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HTTPS Everywhere

Post by SaveFerris » Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:38 pm


I just wanted to take a few moments to recommend this to everyone. Internet privacy rules which prevent your service provider from selling information about the webpages you visit were recently repealed. It's recommended that you use HTTPS where possible in order to make sure your connections to websites are encrypted. You probably use HTTPS quite frequently, it's commonly used for online shopping and email logins. Obviously sending this kind of information in plain text over the internet is a bad idea. The same encryption can be used when you access many other websites, but unlike these more mission critical situations these websites don't always force you to use it. The HTTPS Everywhere browser addon automatically and transparently redirects you to the encrypted version of these pages when the site you are accessing is known to support it. Someone who is eavesdropping or collecting data by other means will still be able to see what site you are using, but not what specific content you are accessing.