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Timing of affiliates compared

A place to discuss national and regional television and radio programming.
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Timing of affiliates compared

Post by Splouge » Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:13 pm

I happen to know that:

WTVG-DT1 (ABC) is about 10 seconds ahead of WXYZ
WTVG-DT2 (CW) is about 5 seconds behind WKBD
WDIV (NBC) is about 30 seconds ahead of WNWO
WTOL (CBS) is roughly the same as WWJ
WGTE-DT2 (PBS Kids) is roughly 5 seconds ahead of WTVS-DT2
WTOL-DT2 (Me-TV) is roughly 2 seconds ahead of WDIV-DT2
WNWO-DT3 (Comet) is roughly the same as WKBD-DT2
WADL-DT2 (Grit) is roughly the same as WTOL-DT3

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Re: Timing of affiliates compared

Post by 80sTalkRadioFan » Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:53 pm

I've always wondered about that. Specifically, why WNWO has such a delay on their main NBC channel. Even on Buckeye Broadband cable, where WDIV is on a satellite delay, WDIV is still at least 7 seconds ahead of WNWO during NBC programs. I think Buckeye Broadband gets WDIV via Shaw, or some other company that provides satellite services to cable systems. Before the digital transition back in 2009, it seemed that all channels carried network programming at about the same time.

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Ed Joseph
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Re: Timing of affiliates compared

Post by Ed Joseph » Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:45 pm

Your set itself can introduce some lag. My father-in-law always has Fux news on all his TV sets, lest he miss some conservative asshat farting. Over time, the sets can build up over a minute of delay between them.

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