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Illegal aliens vs. undocumented workers

Some folks just cannot resist the urge to debate current issues of the's the place to satisfy your craving. BE FOREWARNED - if you are an intellectual lightweight, you might find it a bit rough in here. This place is kinda like a never-ending edition of the McLaughlin Group. (Whatever happened to Mort Zuckerman, anyway?)
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Illegal aliens vs. undocumented workers

Post by bmw » Thu Feb 16, 2017 12:23 pm

Even Bill Clinton back in 1995 called them illegal aliens. And everyone in Congress gave him a standing ovation, including democrats.

Why are they now "undocumented workers?" I'm so tired of hearing that exact phrase from the media. If I don't have a drivers' license and I decided to drive a vehicle illegally, I'm not referred to as an "undocumented driver."

Placing the focus on the "undocumented" and "worker" status seeks to do nothing more than severely undermine the criminal status, making it sound like "well, these people are hard workers, and they just don't have some paperwork, so its all cool."

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