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Tanking a season

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Tanking a season

Post by craig11152 » Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:20 am

Listening to 97.1 this morning on they way home from the dog park they are talking to Stan Van about a Mark Cuban tanking comment that got him a $600,000 fine.

That gets me to wondering how exactly "tanking" happens? It is a popular discussion in the local sports talk media that tanking can, does and should happen.
But what form does it take and what evidence is there? It seems to me the only sure evidence would be a coach playing second or third stringers while healthy first stringers sit on the bench. Does that actually happen?

It also seems to me that tanking may be in the best interest of owners but it certainly isn't for coaches or players unless they are given some sort of promised job security or financial reward in exchange for losing or playing poorly enough to lose.

I find it hard to imagine one could get athletes at the professional level to play less than there best on a regular basis with the idea to lose. It goes against the competitive drive that got them to that elite level to begin with.

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Re: Tanking a season

Post by moldyoldie » Fri Feb 23, 2018 6:32 am

I couldn't agree more! Tanking, presumably to better a team's draft position, is an abomination and corruption of the sport, to say nothing of cheating the paying fans. I, of course, can't verify that purposely tanking actually takes place, but the fact that it's a topic of sports talk radio means nothing -- the format is less and less about sports acumen and insight and often seems to exist merely to "stir the pot" for entertainment purposes.

Playing second or third-stringers in otherwise meaningless games gives both fans and coaches a chance to see what younger and more marginal players bring to the table. That doing so might upset fans of another team in a tight race also means nothing to me; the remedy is simple -- win more games!

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